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ET Bat Control Testimonials

Saturday Aug. 13, 2011
 I received one of your bat controllers a few days ago and plugged it in that same night. Was a little skeptical at first, but it seemed to start working with in just a few days. I was very impressed, so I am ordering 3 more to try and rid my old barn of these pesky buggers!! Have tried a few other methods before and I think this product is really going to work for me,,,,,,Thank You,,very much. I can't wait to receive my order,,,Thanks again,,,Lee G.

April 12 2010

I just got off the phone with a very nice gentleman named Roger Pauly and he said to let everybody know about his testimonial for repelling BATS! To make it short he got his ET Pest Control plugged in on his porch where he was having the bat problem. He said that it took care of the problem pretty fast. The funny thing of it was is that he ran into his own electrical problem and the ET that was plugged into the outlet stopped working. The bats seem to have come back and there was activity again. He got his plug outlet fixed and again the bats were gone. Roger said he was very happy with the results and to give his testimony as well as he bought another ET Pest Control to cover the other end of his house.

Sept. 9 2008
Hi Rob,
The new pest control device arrived yesterday--thank you for it--and I put it up so
that it could sound off for the evening and night. Voila! No bat! Plus, we had a
windy evening which generally meant a bat or two, but none appeared. One night may
not be proof of the pudding, but after night after night of a nocturnal visit, I was
happy to see no droppings.

Thank you again,



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ET Bat Control Testimonials